Declaration of installation



This declaration and translations thereof must be drawn up under the same conditions as the operating instructions (see Annex I, section and (b)); they must be typewritten or else handwritten in capital letters.

This declaration must contain the following information:

  1. The trade name and full address of the manufacturer of the incomplete machine and, where appropriate, their authorized representative;
  2. the name and address of the person authorized to compile the relevant technical documentation; this person must be located in the community;
  3. description and identification of the incomplete machine, including generic name, function, model, type, serial number and commercial name
  4. a statement indicating which essential requirements of this directive apply and are complied with, a declaration that the specific technical documentation has been drawn up in accordance with Annex VII, part B, and, where appropriate, a declaration that the incomplete machine complies with other relevant directives. The references as published in the Official Journal of the European Union must be given;
  5. an obligation to provide national authorities, on reasoned request, with the specific documentation relating to incomplete machine. This obligation shall also specify how the documents are to be transmitted, without prejudice to the industrial property rights of the manufacturer of the incomplete machine;
  6. an indication that the incomplete machine must not be put into service until it has been established, where appropriate, that the machine into which the incomplete machine is to be incorporated complies with the provisions of this directive;
  7. the place and date of the declaration;
  8. the name and signature of the person authorized to draw up this declaration on behalf of the manufacturer or their authorized representative.
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